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3 Best Portable Power Stations for Camping in the UK

by AFERIY Service 14 May 2024 0 Comments

When you need to power or charge your devices during camping but can't connect to a wall outlet, a portable power station can really help. Our expert review team went hands-on with the best portable power stations for camping, testing battery capacity, connectivity, and port selection, to see which ones are worth your time.

Aferiy portable power station is best portable power station for camping.

How Did We Test The Best Portable Power Stations for Camping?

To find the best of these camping portable power stations, we spent days testing each one, and we took into account factors such as battery life, power output and input charging options, as well as output options for augmenting our camping gear.

Portable power stations for camping that only come with DC outlets and force you to use an adapter are no longer viable. Each power station is more than just a portable mobile phone battery charger or luxury camping essential. These mobile power sources have a wide range of uses, from building and construction to keeping in touch with your office or home to emergency lighting and power whether you're roaming or calling home.

How to Choose the Best Portable Power Station for Camping

When choosing a portable power station for camping, it's important to make a balance of portability and capacity. The higher the capacity of the portable power station, the heavier and larger it is.

Do you need to move it to a campsite or leave it in place once? Will you keep it in your caravan or take it to remote areas? Your answers to these questions will determine whether weight is a deciding factor in your choice.

In addition, maybe you need multiple USB-C outlets to charge your camera equipment, maybe you need a high-output AC outlet to plug in your air mattress for inflation, or maybe you need the ability to charge via solar or DC power from your truck so you can go completely off the grid. So you may also consider the output ports you need, the proper outputs, and perhaps even multiple battery charging options.

Which Is the Best Portable Power Station for Camping?

While there are many options, the Aferiy P210 portable power station is the best portable power station for camping we've tested. As electronic devices become more and more integrated into our daily lives, the need to keep them charged and online continues to grow.

But we can't bring the grid with us anywhere. portable power stations are the perfect solution for getting power wherever we need it. The Aferiy P210 has enough battery capacity to make it worthwhile to add one of these to your daily routine.

If you want to power or charge your devices, you'll have more options than a wall outlet. The portable power station has a variety of power output ports, including AC outlets, DC outlets, USB output ports, etc. It sports multiple charging options, such as wall outlets, car chargers, and even charging via portable solar panels.

You'll also find this system that works just like gas generators for camping trips and other off-grid activities. It serves as an inexpensive alternative to a generator when you need to keep the absolute essentials up and running. Quick list:

AFERIY Portable Power Station Comparison: P310, P210, and P010

Aferiy P210 - Best Camping Portable Power Stations

Aferiy P210 - Best Camping Portable Power Stations

What makes this portable power station best for camping is the capacity and output port options. There's a 2048Wh capacity, 2400W power output and 13 power output ports, so it can cover all your devices.

With an ultra-portable design, we can easily take it outdoors or store it without any problems. The Aferiy P210 best portable camping power station is reasonably priced, performs well, and has 4 fast charging options, which is helpful. We can take advantage of charging using multiple charging options and reducing the waiting time for charging.

Verified customers have expressed their appreciation for the Aferiy P210 on the Aferiy website, with the majority of reviewers stating that they purchased it for camping purposes and were satisfied with the experience of using it for that purpose.


  • Acceptable price
  • Performs well in all tests
  • Extra large battery capacity
  • Clean and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Supports multiple charging options
  • 13 power output ports


  • Comparatively heavy (22 kg)

    Aferiy P310 - Best for High Capacity

    Aferiy P310 - Best for High Capacity

    The Aferiy P310 portable power station reaches a staggering 3,840Wh capacity. We particularly like the model. It has wheels for easy transport and a handle to move it. The station has an impressive array of port options such as USB-A and USB-C ports, AC power outlets, DC ports, car power output ports, and XT-60 ports.

    The Aferiy P310 has a nominal power output of 3600W with 120/240 split-phase output from the same unit. It can be connected to your caravan or home via a proprietary cable so that you can power any device you need during a power outage.

    You can take it outdoors, such as remote campgrounds, off-grid cabins, or detached garages. However, it's fairly heavy (40 kg), so it may not be the best choice for frequent travelling.


    • Extra large capacity
    • Built-in wheels for easy mobility
    • High power output


    • Very heavy
    • Quite large
    • Very expensive

      Aferiy P010 - Best for Light Weight

      Aferiy P010 - Best for Light Weight

      This is my preferred portable power station because it fits into a vehicle like a fairly large mobile power supply. Reviewers also say they like this model because of its portability and low price - it's the perfect entry-level power station.

      It's a compact and lightweight model that comes with a sturdy case and even a handle. At only 6.5 kg, it's perfect for frequent travelling, or the best option for smaller charging needs.

      If you want a small, easy-to-carry power station to run low-current power devices (such as powering CPAP machines during camping), then the Aferiy P010 is a great choice. With a battery capacity of 512Wh, there is enough power here to charge your laptop at least 7 times. Overall, this is an inexpensive, lightweight but well-made portable camping power station.


      • Small and lightweight
      • Easy to use
      • Inexpensive


      • Smaller capacity
      • Fewer ports

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Is a Portable Power Station Worth It?

        Yes, but it depends on how often you use it and how many devices you charge. If your needs are simple, you can spend around £200-500 on a good portable power station, like a 800 watt portable power station.

        How Many Years Does a Portable Power Station Last?

        This depends on how often you use the power station and the type of battery inside. As with any battery, such as the one in a mobile phone or laptop, it will wear out over time until the battery is no longer charging.

        Aferiy best camping portable power station has a 3500+ cycle life in standard use, which is expected to last at least about ten years. They also offer an up to 7-year warranty. So you can shop worry-free.

        What Can I Run on My Portable Power Station?

        As long as your portable power station has the right ports, enough capacity, and power output, it can run most devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and desktops. Higher capacity units also allow you to power appliances and charge electric vehicles.

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